Seeing Clearly In The Mist…


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copyright © Olsen 2015

I walk the cold foggy streets and feel the path beneath my feet.

Yet the murkiness brings my attention to what is nearest,

darkness of the path I follow,

dampness in the air and the leaves drop like tears,

falling in a bitter wind.

Despair effortlessly encloses me and in that moment,

I see winter approaching and remoteness of dearest spring.

Blackness Line

This morning I walked along the Blackness route and created a poem from some of the house names I saw along the way.





The Gap



Ethie Bank


copyright © Olsen 2015

The Process of Place

Accumulate, articulate

Acceleration of annihilation

Disruption in differentiation

Immediate impressions

Internalised interrogations

My misidentification

Reactionary rootedness

Ritualised romance

Mobility in momentum

Speeding up

Spreading space

Process of place

copyright © Olsen 2015