Following the signs

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The action of walking the tramways, gives me direction and an opportunity for seeing the city in a different light serendipity to present itself.



2 thoughts on “Following the signs”

  1. When I was in Florence, I seemed to spend most of my time looking at unconsidered signs and patterns in the roads beneath my feet; not something I would ever consider to be part of my practice! perhaps you need to leave home to really notice things.

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  2. Yes, I believe things are more noticeable when you look with ‘child’s eyes’. Before I walked as art, I would always walk looking down, I’m clumsy by nature and wanted to make sure I didn’t fall over or step in something. When I started using walking as a medium my pace got slower and I started to notice things around me. Yet this project has also made me more aware of the surface I walk on, I look down and try and see the trace of the past beneath my feet. Consequently I’m now more aware of the surface I walk. I’ve never been to Florence but I wonder if their streets are more uneven, Venice certainly was.

    Thank you for your comment Penny, I have re-visited your blog to see your streets and you certainly have captured the feel of an uneven and revealing surface.

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