The Augmented Museum

My Process of Making the ‘The People’s Story Soundwalk’

‘The Peoples Story” soundwalk is a journey through ‘The Making of Modern Dundee’ and ‘Dundee and the World’ exhibitions,  I created while working with the ‘Creative Learning Team on a collaborative project. I interacted with different community groups, visitors, and staff, by opening up a dialogue involving the public as co-producers. This collaboration led me into an exploration of an augmented reality, a voyage in-between the virtual and the real. Connecting people’s stories to museum objects as a sonic identifier of place.

augmented I began developing the sound walk for an audience, by defining what I needed to do and what equipment I might need.

Sound Walk at the McManus.jpg

Map and Route Development

To develop the route, I located all the best stories from my sound archive and mapped the museum objects on a diagram.

Sound Walk Development

I edited the work with the diagram in mind and tested the route to see how it flowed. The process involved me walking through the exhibition space many times. Once I was happy with the movement through the exhibition I began to develop and design a map of the route.

Sound Testing and Editing

After roughly placing the sounds onto a master track, I walked through the gallery using the above route and tested the sound. I wrote notes about the recording during the test, adjusted timings, delete unwanted noises and moved sound clips. I did this in three stages, testing the audio quality and improving timings on the master track.

The Final Test

The final sound test was implemented with the Creative Learning Team, were I took notes about audience instuction and direction.


If you would like to join me on ‘The Peoples Story Soundwalk at the Mcmanus,  please email me at and read the information below.