Moray Way Artist in Residence

We Must Walk: Over the next 12-month, I will be the artist in residency for the Moray Way Association, a charity organisation established to promote a 100-mile long circular walking route called The Moray Way. An essential part of my process will be to walk and record sound as an opportunity to focus attention on liminal moments, for example, everyday feelings, memories, and atmospheres. These things are so fleeting and familiar they are often missed. The main aim of the residency is to walk, observe, record, and document the journey along the paths that make up the Moray Way. The walk will allow me to connect with people along the route, collect stories from the community and capture the changing seasons of a dramatic Scottish landscape.

Over the coming year, I will be blogging about my experience as I walk one hundred miles. The journey will begin at Forres, where I will walk 30 miles along the Moray Coast Trail, join the Speyside Way for a further 41miles until Grantown-on-Spey and continue my walk along the Dava Way until I return to Forres.  

For more information and stories about my journey, please visit the Moray Way website.


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