About the Artist


Lise Olsen’s art practice involves exploring different forms of awareness in relation to complexity of place, including identity and perceptions of movement in time-space. As a responsive artist, she links research to practice by observing and documenting different levels of engagement.

Specific work embodies the experience of Dundee’s city edges, a voyage into the in-between spaces found around industrial estates, housing schemes and commercial sites. Stories were collected and created using sound, images and text to communicate meaning not obviously seen and open to interpretation. This journey directly influenced an ongoing collaborative project called ‘the People’s Story’, with the McManus Museum and Galleries. Involving interactions with groups by breaking down barriers between artist, institution and the local community. Opening up a dialogue involving the public as co-producers using binaural recordings to document different levels of engagement.

By exploring the museum as a virtual space, she has uncovered and recorded stories using an exciting acoustic environment. Interpreting artefacts as a sonic identity of place. Research collected uses a diverse range of presentation methods, with a particular interest in soundscapes and her blog. Each post involves fragmented parts of a journey, building its own narrative and observations of consciousness.

Contact: lise-generates@mail.com

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