Walking the old tramways of Dundee


I have decided to walk the trace of the tramway, from Dundee past. The journey is the line on the map above. I intentionally gave myself a set route to give the journey some level control than the art of drifting.

What makes the walk along the tramline in Dundee art is my intention to walk – it’s a decision I have made, if those lines were the marks of a drawing there would be no hesitation, yes this is art, but those lines I walk can be compared to the  drawn lines , they have the same intention, the details I highlight on my journey can be compared to the finer details of a drawing. The same intention a draftsman has in creating 3-dimensional spaces on a page in the same intention I have in presenting time and space within the journey.


The Wandering Child.

I was thinking about why I love to wander. Here are a few photos of my childhood adventures.

Lise and dad

My dad carrying me up Ben Vorlich, using a child car-seat as a backpack.

My mum assures me, this idea was not entirely successful.


A walk with mum, dad and nanna.


I loved being outside…

The Lines I Will Follow

I found a drawing of the old tramways on the bottom shelf of a cabinet in Dundee Transport Museum. It was hidden under the history of timetables and tickets. My mind wonders, what stories could be found within those streets?