The project so far…

The project Tram Times will involve the artist Isle en Sol walking the tramways in Dundee. Following the trace of past, were a narrative unveils itself though time drawing you into a world. Questioning and reflecting on, here is where? And here is what used to be? She will explore the ideas of presence of diverse absence.

The objective of the walking will be to reflect on place and to recognise the invisible identities of the visible by exploring memories that tie us to place. Creating art as documentation of the journey where the audience can rethink their relationship to places in Dundee. Focusing on the trace of movement between, tram, walker and text. The Tramways represent a network of order and the artwork will represent certain fragments of place.

Isle en Sol will focus on opening up the possibilities of understanding of place that slowly appears using multiple voices. She aims to creating an allegory within a fictional narrative to communicate meaning not obviously seen that can be open to interpretation by the viewer.


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