Walking into Dreams that Dwell

Panmure Villa now known as Armistead House,

once used as a convalescent home for small children.


 It changed and reformed into a large formidable house,

a fortunate children’s home for discarded childhood.


Could laughter echo, was there space for love?

Time passes and society convert’s, a children’s home no longer in use.


Even the child development center was not a lasting retreat,

Now the building lies dormant with a trace of what stood.


A property developer has a changing vision,

will children still dwell?


no-longer the villa, a house, the home or center,

and a new invested dream will develop and sell.


copyright © Olsen 2016

Time Space Compression


Walking through the streets of Dundee through residential areas, housing estates, industrial sprawl, city and the places in-between. I feel the past, present and future collide. Shifting between what the land had been, what it is now and the possibilities of what it could become.

I follow the line of the tram onto the  Perth Road and I am surprised by what cultures influence such a small stretch of street. I find Turkish, Italian and Oriental restaurants. I can drink coffee from South America or buy traditional Scottish fare. As I walk, I count the countries shaping the street and I think of the community, now worldwide. I wonder what transformation the community has made over time? How different a tram journey along this street would have been.

Not Just Any Street


Near Albert Street

Hair boutiques

And Beauty salons

Arbroath Fish Shop

Specific Security Training?

Shops that offer gents style

Campbell’s Dundee Cake Shop

Property Groups

And for meat, David Grewers and Sons

Shed59, Flowers, Ladbrokes

Pound stores

Nice and Spice for fruit

Ian’s the barbershop

Booze for you

Buttys to Take-away

SPF, Newsagents, So Good

Clarks the Bakery

And a Marrakesh café

copyright © Olsen 2016

Flounder on the line

copyright © Olsen 2015

Mrs Irean MacCaskie had just purchased a flounder for her husbands’ Friday night tea. It had accidently fallen from her bag as she had crossed the tram line, to catch the busy five o-clock Maryfield tram. As everybody knows dog’s of Dundee are very fond of fish. A passing dog found the flounder and began to scoff it, on the line. An approaching tram failed to impress the dog with the necessity of moving, and the driver was forced to stop his car to avoid a disaster. The dog, stubborn in nature, would not move till it had eaten poor Mr James MacCaskies tea.



Inspired from a story found in the Dundee Press and Journal, Sunday the 18th of June 1921

Walking into a different world

copyright © Olsen 2015

Using a PDMS lens, originally designed by University of Houston. I placed the PDMS optical lens onto my i-phone to magnify images of the path I walked. The lens is made of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), a polymer with the consistency of honey, dropped precisely on a preheated surface to cure.The images create a trace of a walk through a different world.

Seeing Clearly In The Mist…


P1110726 copy
copyright © Olsen 2015

I walk the cold foggy streets and feel the path beneath my feet.

Yet the murkiness brings my attention to what is nearest,

darkness of the path I follow,

dampness in the air and the leaves drop like tears,

falling in a bitter wind.

Despair effortlessly encloses me and in that moment,

I see winter approaching and remoteness of dearest spring.